Workforce Lending Services

Workforce Lending Services

In our work we focus greatly on client relations, and on providing fast, precise and personalized services in every situation. We regard the job seekers who turn to us and the employees we lend as our clients, because their satisfaction is the basis for our professional work.

Advantages of workforce lending

  • flexible adjustment to the fluctuation of production
  • a quick solution to personnel shortages - even when a larger headcount is necessary
  • comprehensive organization of labor
  • recruitment based on the client needs
  • comprehensive experience in the automotive, FMCG, agricultural, logistics and service sectors

Manual workforce lending - Extensive solutions for your company

A temporary workforce may be needed due to an increased amount of work, certain project tasks, or a headcount freeze making it impossible to hire new employees. In these cases, the rental of a workforce is the best choice, as it is one of the most flexible and favorable forms of atypical workforce services.

Administrative workforce lending - Simple and flexible

With our administrative workforce lending services, we offer complex solutions for our partners in hiring white-collar workers for both short-term and long-term contracts. If, due to an increasing workload or extra labor needed for a specific project, there is a greater need for a temporary workforce, this rental service is the best choice. This is also the case when a headcount stop does not allow for new employees to be hired. Our team of experienced consultants employs modern instruments to support our partners in resolving their workforce needs through a fast and effective selection process. It is also an ideal solution when it is necessary to find substitutions for colleagues on maternity leave or when business-specific seasonal labor demands arise.

Our administrative workforce lending service is ideal for office tasks, long term substitutions, and even senior positions in professional support areas like finance, logistics, and accounting.

The most important advantages for our clients

  • handling temporary staff shortages and interim projects
  • fast and efficient recruitment and selection
  • the Try & Hire service
  • support for and organization of the complete selection process
  • comprehensive onboarding and on-site customer service
  • administration of labor and payroll accounting
  • up-to-date, paper-free software solutions (e-timesheet, e-billing, e-cafeteria)
  • company-specific reporting

Why choose the administrative workforce services of WHC?

  • The stability, continuous development, and expansion of WHC has led to the emergence of administrative workforce lending as a separate branch of business.
  • Our colleagues have an extensive and diverse professional background, they speak foreign languages, they have high-level market information, and their knowledge on labor laws is up-to-date.
  • We adjust our quality services to the needs of our clients - we assess their real needs together and help them find the most ideal solution by means of consultation.
  • We strive to create a relationship of trust with our partner companies and employers. We also act as mentors in a certain way, as we are able to easily and quickly adapt to the needs of our partner companies.
  • We support and plan the whole selection process.
  • We turn to our partners with a supportive and cooperative attitude.
  • We adapt effectively to the multinational environment: on-site presence, colleagues educated in foreign languages, and foreign language documentation are all available to our partners.
  • We apply up-to-date, paper-free software solutions, such as an electronic signing system on tablets, e-billing, e-timesheets, and e-cafeteria.
  • We provide company-specific reporting according to the needs of our clients.
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