Student Work - Youthful zest

Student Work - Youthful zest

Choose a student workforce in the case of both seasonal or permanent jobs Students employed by our company are flexible and committed. They do their best in every scope of work, even in the case of semi-skilled labor, skilled labor, or tasks requiring foreign language skills.

Advantages of student jobs

  • providing a large number of employees quickly, even for a short period of time
  • flexible forms of employment
  • no registry obligation
  • payment recorded according to the exact number of hours worked
  • favorable employment thanks to special regulations for students jobs
  • networking with talented young people and having the opportunity to integrate them into the host company

What kind of tasks do we recommend a student workforce for?

  • semi-skilled manual jobs
  • office assistance (administration, data recording)
  • professional, intern jobs
  • promotional, hosting jobs
  • auxiliary jobs in the commercial industry (shelf-stacking, cash register operation)
  • fast food restaurant duties
  • auxiliary jobs in the hospitality industry
  • ad hoc tasks (loading, moving, inventory)
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Business Unit Manager - Student work service

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