Pensioner Cooperative - Reliability, experience

Pensioner Cooperative - Reliability, experience

Thanks to our comprehensive services, you just need to enjoy the experience, loyality and numerous advantages a senior colleague may offer. With their knowledge and expertise gained over decades, senior experts are considered a valueable workforce in numerous fields of work. With our pensioner cooperative, our employees may find suitable jobs in an organized form. The employment of pensioners may be an effective solution for temporary and project works, and for full and part time jobs.

Advantages of our pensioner service

  • providing a large number of employees quickly
  • flexible form of employment
  • no notification obligation
  • payment obligation is according to the exact number of hours actually worked
  • loyality
  • discipline
  • transfer of well-established professional knowledge
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Responsible leader

Margitics Ákos

Business Unit Manager - Pensioner cooperative
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